Best Free Website Monitoring Services

If you own a website, the least you want to happen is downtime, so its very important to use a website monitoring service.  UptimeRobot offers free site monitoring that sends email alerts every time your site goes offline. The free plan has a 5 minutes monitoring interval and you can add up to 50 monitors. It comes with 1 status page. Not bad for a free plan. There are four monitor types, but I'm using only the http(s) and ping. In http(s), the service regularly sends requests and decides if it is up or down depending on the statuses returned. While the ping type involves sending Ping(ICMP) requests and the status is determined "if responses are received or not". This makes ping ideal for monitoring the server and confirms if the problem just affects your site or it is caused by the server itself. I'm using it on my website and I find it very effective, it is able to detect and notify me about blips in uptime. A better option is FreshPing  by FreshWorks . The free pl

Best Way Of Tipping The Web

Tipping is a form of gratuity, a recognition or appreciation of something like a useful content or online service, a helpful video, an exemplary music, etc. When you like a post/photo on Facebook you click the "Like' button, but in tipping you back it up by paying a micro amount(usually in cents) called a tip to the content/service provider. Sites like Flattr  cater to tipping, however, it uses PayPal for payment processing and I have a very nasty experience with PayPal . I avoid it like a plague. If you're a supporter of Buy Me Coffee type of tipping, check me out at Ko-fi and Buy Me A Coffee . AddThis offers a Donate Button that supports Amazon Smile, Cash.Me, Patreon and Venmo, on top of PayPal. You can see it in action on this page. Since tipping involves micropayments, I think Bitcoin is better suited for this purpose. With Bitcoin it is hassle-free to send tiny amounts and doesn't entail any deductions or fees. Plus it doesn't require any integration of th

How Much Is USD/PHP Right Now?

The Philippine Peso actively fluctuates against the US Dollar and its very important to be updated of the latest exchange rate, especially if you are an OFW(Overseas Filipino Worker) or in my case a home-based Web Developer with overseas clients. To know the latest rates, not just the USD/PHP but on other currencies, I use Google.Com. I bet you're surprised, but Google is more than just a search page. Check out the current USD/PHP exchange rate. How did I do that? Easy, search for "1 US Dollar = Philippine Peso" like you normally would. Google is smart enough to understand human language, try "1,000 Yen = Philippine Peso" for example.

Why It's More Funny In The Philippines?

Hmm, I can't quite explain myself. There's this thought in my head but my mouth can't clearly spell it out, haha. If not for the stupid politicians, the Philippines could have already realized its potential by now. Despite the setbacks, the country is inherently beautiful. Recently, the government has been very aggressive in promoting the country as a premier tourism destination. The country is just a natural beauty, blessed with so many attractions. But its not the places alone, its the people and their unrivaled hospitality that makes the Philippines a unique destination. The video below has a more vibrant music and more dynamic presentation.

Best Free Premium WordPress Theme Resources

Have a site that's based on WordPress and planning to change the theme? Or planning to put up a WordPress site?  FabThemes is full of fabulous and high-quality themes and all of it is free. You can browse their huge collection by type and color. For every theme, there's a demo and accompanying details to help you decide which one to use. I usually download themes from them for my WordPress projects. Currently, my sites are using Astra and also in some of my projects. It is free, lightweight and customizable. Among all the themes I've tried, it is the only one that didn't break the existing design. It works with a lot of page builders especially Elementor . Materialis comes with a Companion plugin that turns it into a drag and drop front-page builder. The free version pretty features rich.