At One With Nature In Guimaras

Last Dec. 30, 2013, just a day before the new year, Ting and I went for a little adventure at Camp Alfredo, Guimaras. Search for great accommodation in Guimaras Island. We left Iloilo at around 9 am via ferry boat at Brgy. Ortiz. Its roughly a 15 minutes ride on rough seas. Stay in Iloilo City's best hotels.

Upon arrival at the Jordan pier, we jumped into a Jordan jeepney making sure the driver knows where we are going and where he will exactly drop us. It's supposed to be less than 30 minutes ride, but our jeepney made a long stop at San Miguel market. However, the long wait is rewarded by the green scenery and fresh air when we resumed.

As expected, we were dropped right in front of Camp Alfredo at Ravina. The concrete signage is a welcoming sign. You can immediately feel nature inviting you to come in. We climbed down a flight of stairs towards the session hall and bar. The session hall also doubles as a resto. We asked the person in charge of some questions about the zip line and what other amenities we can enjoy. Located on a 4-hectare property, it offers a generous ground for adventure and camping. While in the bar, we made our advance order of bihon and chicken inasal, just in time for us to gorge on after exploring the place. At the bar, I've noticed an award that was given to them for helping maintain the natural habitat, which pretty much tells us how natural the place is.

Ting on the bridge.

Excited, we immediately took off and start our little nature adventure. The first stop is the infinity pool, however along the way we have to cross a short bridge over a creek and also took a glimpse of the stations of the cross planted on the hillside.

Me beside the Infinity Pool.

We also took a keen look at the cottages, it's design and the materials used. We got a lot of house ideas from it.

Ting having a rest in one of the cottages.

We proceeded to climb the treehouse, which leads to the hanging bridge, which in turn leads to the zip line. I find the bridge too risky to take and we decided to just enjoy the shade and cool air provided by the mango tree. From a distance, we witness a group of people going for the zip line. It promises 375 meters of a pure thrill ride. I felt jealous of seeing the excitement on their faces and hearing their shouts of ecstasy. But feeling nauseous, I forgo the urge to try it. Instead, Ting and I spent good long hours talking about a lot of random things, until our stomach reminded us that it is time to go back.

After we cleaned out our lunch, we proceeded to see the Trappist Monastery in Bgy. San Miguel, Jordan. We took a tricycle going there. Founded in 1972, the place is run by monks and like in Camp Alfredo we went around and finally rested and prayed in their chapel. The chapel has a very unique design.

Before going home, Ting and I purchased fruit jams as souvenirs. These products carry the Trappist brand and can be seen on shelves of some of the big malls. If you happen to see the brand, buying them is a good way to support the monastery.

Guimaras has a lot of interesting places to offer and Ting and I plan to come back the soonest.

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