Best Free EU Cookie Law Scripts

The European Union requires websites to show information about cookies being used. The law also requires visitor consent regarding the use of cookies. Although this law is exclusive for European visitors, I’ve decided to implement this.

Searching for the fastest way to do it, I stumbled on Osano’s Cookie Consent script that displays a beautiful unobtrusive popup. The popup is very customizable. You can choose between light and dark theme and top or bottom location. You can change the popup text, accept and read more buttons, and set read more links. The script is open source. With coding, General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR can be implemented too. Check out their documentation. Don't like to code? Try their paid plans.

It is very easy to integrate, just copy the generated code and place it in your template. Then refresh your page.

It is just one of the myriad scripts out there, there's more below.

EUCookie is a free hosted GDPR compliant cookie service. This also requires coding. Cookie-Bar is for the lazy ones, this script requires minimal coding. To be compliant, it links to the respective browser's documentation on how to disable cookies, a very nifty solution, haha.

CookieInfoScript look similar to Osano's, but a different way of customization. Dare to Think have 2 versions, one with the “Accept” button, and the other just displays the banner. It is self-hosted so you have to download the files.

Attacat's is a button simply to inform you that your site uses cookies.

If you love jQuery, then CookieCuttr is for you. They also have a WordPress plugin!

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