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Everybody wants to be happy. And you can't be happy without understanding what happiness is. It is defined as “the state of being happy”. But what is being happy? Well, that depends on the person. What makes one happy doesn't apply to the other. Anyways, there are sites that specially cater to studying and spreading it. Explore and meet your happiness below.

Things To Be Happy About has a unique approach to listing everyday things to be happy about. It presents it in a series of illustrations that are clickable. When clicked, it shows a list of to dos that I supposed you have to be thankful. When done you can refresh it to get new ones. In effect, you stay happy for quite a long time, haha.

The list is not complete without Happify. The site offers scientific games and activities to help you attain happiness. They too have “feel good” news. 

After waking up and taking breakfast I excitedly power on my PC and guess what's on my browser? Websites that's brimming with inspiring, funny and informative contents. Why read horrific news when you can jump start your day with positive and feel good stories? Below are excellent sites to bring out the optimism in you.

I stumbled on UpWorthy one day and ever since, not a day passes without me checking the latest content. Its a good source of interesting information, videos and info graphics. Their mission is to "elevate and draw attention to the issues that really matter" through social media. I think they are doing a pretty good job so far.

OnlyGood TV's tag line is “Only Good News” and it is. The site content is full of inspiring videos and touching stories that will surely lift your spirits. Huffington Post also has a collection good news topics.

Tumblr has a stream of inspiring and uplifting quotes and images when you search for the “positivity” tag. TheOatMeal is unique as the contents are published in the form of comics, personally and beautifully made by the site owner. Some of the contents are satirical, some outright funny it can put a smile on your face or give you a hearty laugh. Here's a comic about Nikola Tesla to indulge on.

TED(Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a good source of out of the box ideas. They invite people who started something revolutionary or have thought provoking ideas or unique talents as speakers so they can share it to the world. The site covers a wide range of topics, from science to Best Free Inspirational Websites, business to global issues. Here's their YouTube account, with a sample below.

If you think your job sucks, MakeUseOf's infographic below says it's not that bad, haha.

First Jobs Of Top CEOs

I'll be expanding these collection as I discover more of these type of websites, so stay tuned and keep your everyday life on the positive side.

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