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Dreaming of an off the grid life? If yes, then OffGridWorld is paradise found. It has the latest information about living off the grid, sustainable living, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects and more.

Are you a survivor buff? I have good news for you that I'm sure will brighten up your gloomy outlook.
Survivor Library has a huge collection of literature dedicated to surviving almost any disaster or just living in the absence of modern technology. Nuclear war? Pandemic? Or just living off the grid? Don't panic and proceed to their site in a calm and orderly fashion and read on the various topics.

My personal ideas of a sustainable lifestyle is a place located in a secured gated community and a concrete typhoon resilient house that is elevated to help avoid floods. The primary water source is rain, collected from the rooftop and stored in a water tight compartment below the house, one of the reason why it is elevated. Deep well with wind powered pump as secondary in case of prolonged el nino event.

Electricity is mainly solar based with diesel generator for backup. The house is surrounded by assorted veggies raised in vertical gardens and properly spaced fruit bearing trees. Goats will be raised to provide milk, together with chicken and ducks for variable meat source.

Ahh would be nice to realize all these and retire on such a place. I'll be updating this wish list based on developments.

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