Best Free Website Monitoring Services

If you own a website, the least you want to happen is downtime, so its very important to use a website monitoring service. UptimeRobot offers free site monitoring that sends email alerts every time your site goes offline. The free plan has a 5 minutes monitoring interval and you can add up to 50 monitors. It comes with 1 status page. Not bad for a free plan.

There are four monitor types, but I'm using only the http(s) and ping. In http(s), the service regularly sends requests and decides if it is up or down depending on the statuses returned. While the ping type involves sending Ping(ICMP) requests and the status is determined "if responses are received or not". This makes ping ideal for monitoring the server and confirms if the problem just affects your site or it is caused by the server itself.

I'm using it on my website and I find it very effective, it is able to detect and notify me about blips in uptime.

DownTimeMonkey offers a whopping 60 monitors free, with 5 minute interval.

A better option is FreshPing by FreshWorks. The free plan also comes with 50 monitors, but the monitoring interval is faster at 1 minute. It offers up to 5 status pages, 10 users and 5 integrations, including Zapier. One disadvantage is it supports only HTTP/S ping.  

Better Uptime's free plan provides 10 monitors with 3 minute interval. What's good with their service is they offer a status page with https support. Checkout our status page.   

I once experienced my ISP blocking me from a site I was working on. It turned out my IP was listed at AbuseAt. If that happened to you, just get your IP here and confirm if it's listed here. You can then request for removal.

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