Best Way Of Tipping The Web

Tipping is a form of gratuity, a recognition or appreciation of something like a useful content or online service, a helpful video, an exemplary music, etc. When you like a post/photo on Facebook you click the "Like' button, but in tipping you back it up by paying a micro amount(usually in cents) called a tip to the content/service provider.

Sites like Flattr cater to tipping, however, it uses PayPal for payment processing and I have a very nasty experience with PayPal. I avoid it like a plague.

If you're a supporter of Buy Me Coffee type of tipping, check me out at Ko-fi and Buy Me A Coffee.

AddThis offers a Donate Button that supports Amazon Smile, Cash.Me, Patreon and Venmo, on top of PayPal. You can see it in action on this page.

Since tipping involves micropayments, I think Bitcoin is better suited for this purpose. With Bitcoin it is hassle-free to send tiny amounts and doesn't entail any deductions or fees. Plus it doesn't require any integration of third party buttons/links on your website, you just need to show your bitcoin address to start receiving tips. Learn more about Bitcoin.

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