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Best Travel Services and Tips

If you're planning to have a vacation and in need of accommodation, Agoda is the perfect website to go to. It allows you to search for hotels in a specific location. It has a very neat interface for easy usage and provides a lot of information about the place like rooms and facilities. It comes with user ratings and feedback to help you decide which one to take. Another good thing is the huge discounts they give that's hard to beat. On top of these, they provide rewards/rebates if you do a reservation through them. Expedia and Traveloka are other options. So what are you waiting for, come and see the beautiful province of Iloilo , Philippines. Choosing the right airline when traveling is a must, otherwise, the nasty experience will spoil the journey. I have listed here all commercial airlines in the Philippines as of this date, in case anyone needs to access their respective website. AirSWIFT  has limited flights to and from Manila, Cebu and Palawan only. AirAsia Philippines