Best Free Music and Sound Services

Everybody loves music and most hum personal lyrics in their head. Wouldn't it be awesome if we have tools that enable us to make our own melody into a real song? Well, stop dreaming, there are free online services that help create and publish your own.

SoundCloud is a popular social sound platform. It is a good place to discover music and up & coming artists. You can record, upload and share your music for free.

You want more tracks to work on? Looplabs is a free cloud-based music studio allowing you create to music anywhere, anytime with anyone, regardless of whether you're a pro or a noob dreaming of being pro someday. One big feature is, they have thousands of royalty-free sounds courtesy of Beatport to tinker with. You can also publish your work on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

No musical instruments of your own? No problem, do it virtually with AudioTool. It is a complete music production studio, such that you can create music and collaborate purely online. They have a wide array of instruments, including Beatbox and thousands of sample and presets to get you started. Publish your music on popular sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

To jumpstart your musical career, use UJAM to refine on your melody. Then collaborate with others on SongSilo or Looplabs to further improve it. If you don't want to spend a penny on equipment, dabble on AudioTool instead. Who knows what you'll come up with. Once you're confident of your product, promote it on SoundCloud or YouTube.

Have trouble sleeping? Trying to focus on studying? Did you know that rain can help you in both situations? Ok, let's get rid of the actual raindrops, the sound of rain alone does the trick, haha. But then again it depends on how one reacts to it. Some get lulled to sleep, some gain concentration.

Rainy Mood boast of being “the internet's most popular rain experience”. According to them, “the sound of rain helps millions of people to sleep, study and relax”. Of the same mold is Raining.FM, this rain is accompanied by thunder haha. It has dynamic image backgrounds too.

Another site to check out is Noisli. It is a background noise and background color generator. You can play different noises together to form your own unique sounds. Find out how the sound of flowing water, bird chirps, and waves make you feel. A Soft Murmur is another similar site. Allolo.RU has more selections.

But why limit yourself to what you hear?

Calm exactly offers more than just sound. As per their site's mission: “to make the world healthier and happier through the superpower of meditation and mindfulness”.

They achieve this through meditation, breathing and sleeping. Check out each service, some are offered for free. When in meditation you can set the background and the accompanying sound. Don't forget to read the mindfulness tips. If pressure starts to build up and you're about to reach boiling point, relax, remain calm and go here then here, haha.

Endel is good source of relaxing sounds. They have a scientific approach in generating personalized sound environments to help you focus, relax and sleep. It is best enjoyed in mobile apps. MyNoise is also an alternative. 

Taking it to another level is Lounge V, which provides relaxing sound with videos of landscapes in stunning full HD details.

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