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Best Free Online Sources Of Legal Documents

As a Web Developer, I have my fair share of Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) signed. NDA and other forms of contracts are essential in any business or profession. It is the of paper that keep involved parties honest. Below are some sites that offer free legal documents and samples you can use. FormSwift  categorized the contracts and you can download it in Word or PDF format. The PDF form is editable and no sign up needed. UpCounsel  has a searchable collection, but requires registration to download.  LegalTemplates and LawDepot also have a searchable templates that's customize via their document creator. You have to fill in some needed information before you can generate the contract.

Best Free Online Meeting Scheduler

As a Web Developer, meeting clients on the other side of the world is a problem. If the date and time is set on a different timezone from mine, it is important to know its equivalent in Philippine time. This is especially true during job interviews. Even if you're just a minute late, that's already a big turn off and there's a big chance of losing a potential client. EveryTimeZone is a free online tool for scheduling meetings on a global scale. The interface displays all the major timezones in rows and the current local time as a vertical line in dark purple color. To set a time move the green local time and it shows the time on the other timezones. Get the link to share to the other members. WorldChatClock is another visually awesome tool to use. Specify the city locations and it will show the current times. SpaceTime.AM is a paid meeting scheduler, it provides a free account for unlimited team members. Now you know the local time and date, don't be late. There'

Best Free Online Printing Resources

Looking for a greeting card to print? T-shirt prints? Anything?  Avery , allows you to print designs and templates of address and shipping labels, specialty shapes, business cards, greeting cards, name badges and tags, fabric and t-shirt transfers and so much more. You'll have to visit their site to get the complete list of things you can print yourself for free. To print, select a product, edit the template  and download it in PDF format. Print a website? As the name suggest,  PrintFriendly  prints a printer friendly version of the website. PrintWhatYouLike prints web page without the ads and other junks. Want it 3D? No problem. PinShape has a huge collection of all sorts of 3D designs. The collection is grouped into toys & games, miniatures, home living, jewelry & fashion, gadgets, art, people & creatures and more. These designs are shared by community members for free, although some are commercial.

Best Forex Trading Tips For Beginners

Foreign exchange, Forex or FX for short, is the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed price. It is also known as currency trading and Forex trading. It existed since biblical days which underlines its indispensable role in commerce. In modern times, Forex is a decentralized global market. It is a place where most of the world's currencies trade. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Daily trading volume runs in multi-trillions. The price of currencies float and the market is open 24 hours, except on weekends. Because of these facts, Forex offers endless opportunity to make money. Having said that, it is a risky investment and could result in total and even negative capital loss. A study showed that 95% of traders lose their investments within 6 months only. When I started trading in 2009, I thought that this is where I belong, but I ended up in the 95%, haha. There's this saying: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Ignora

What Are The Real Estate Property Taxes And Fees?

The Philippines uses an adapted form of the “Torrens” system of land registration. This system assures the buyer that that purchase of land with an Original Certificate of Title(OCT) or Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Condominium Certificate of Title(CCT) issued by the Registry of Deeds, is absolute, indefeasible and imprescriptible. When buying property always verify the authenticity of the title in the Registry of Deeds. If the seller only has a Tax Declaration, be extra cautious. Rule of thumb always requires a title. Real property can be either an ordinary asset or capital asset. Capital assets are subject to Capital Gains Tax. It is considered an ordinary asset if it is: For sale in the ordinary course of business. Used in business that the taxpayer claims for depreciation. Used in trade or business. In general, a property that does not belong to the above is capital assets. Properties can also be classified as capital or ordinary based on who owns it. If the owner is engag

Best Government Social and Health Investment Programs

SSS or the Social Security System is provided for private-sector employees and gives pensions to members who have a minimum of 120 contributions and is at least 60 years old. However, to maximize the benefits pay, a monthly Total Contribution of 1,760 PHP for the maximum Monthly Salary Credit(MSC) of 16,000 PHP as shown in SSS Schedule of Contributions . Pay it from age 54 until retiring at 65. Why? There are 3 ways to compute the monthly pension as explained in the SSS Benefits . This one generates the highest: Pension = 300 PHP + 20% of AMSC + (2% of MSC * (CYS - 10)) AMSC is Average Monthly Salary Credit and is computed based on the last 5 years. CYS is Credited Year of Service. The AMSC and the 2% of MSC multiplied by the CYS in excess of 10 years is the trick. Take note that SSS doesn't allow a drastic increase in contributions for ages 55 and above . So if one starts working at age 20 and retire at 65, the pension is 14,700 PHP. See how its computed here . If less than 120 c

Best Affordable Properties In Iloilo

Most material thing's value depreciates through time. For example, a car bought for more than a million pesos, immediately lost a chunk of its value the moment it leaves the showroom. Real property, on the other hand, appreciates as years go by. Start with small lots and choose agriculture ones as they're more affordable than residential. It can be turned into a vegetable farm for extra income while waiting for a buyer. You can buy bargain properties at municipal tax delinquent and bank acquired property auctions, if redeemed by the owner after 1 year, you earn 2%/mo interest. Just make sure that it has a title as untitled ones may give you a big headache later on. In general, don't buy properties as long term investments, except for ones that have a high potential for future development. Instead, engage in buying and selling, the earlier you can dispose of it at a profit, the better. If the lot is large, subdivide it and sell the parcels at huge margins. A high-value prope

Best Sites To Earn Online

People spend a lot of their time on the web, but most are not aware of the potential earnings that can be had. Stop wasting time and make money sharing your opinion in paid online surveys. Having said that, do be careful of scams as there are lots of them. See some of the most reliable websites below. Survey Savvy is associated with Luth Research which is a large market research company. Rewards range from $1 up to $15 for each survey. The least amount for redemption is just $1. But, it is delivered to you as check and processing may take 4-6 weeks. What makes the service unique is the SavvyConnect desktop and mobile application. By using it, your payments requests are expedited within a week and you'll receive more, paid research opportunities and invitations. Plus you get an extra $5 monthly! The caveat, however, might make you have second thoughts. The software and its browser add-ons collect data about web behaviors and browsing activities on the connected devices. If you'

How To Create Business Cards Online?

I always love to create things cheap, the thought of how much savings can be had pushes me to be done with it with earnest. A business card is handy, especially when you need a very important person to have your contact details, but don't have enough time to say it. You can simply give your card. I'm using Free Business Card Star to design. It allows you to select from a wide number of templates. All of them are good, but I prefer the simple ones. After you entered your information, you can download the design in PDF format and then just print it. Other options are Brother and  Business Card Maker . With the latter, you can create your card all in one page! Big brands like Adobe's Spark Card Maker and Canva require registration.

How To Build A Bottle Tower Garden?

Even if you have a limited residential lot you can still pursue gardening through a vertical garden. There are many ways of doing this, but I find the bottle tower a more practical choice. For one, the structure is very compact. You are simply stacking bottles on top of one another and each bottle is planted. You can have as many towers as space allowed. Its possible to have 800 plants in just 3 square meters of available land. On top of that, it is inexpensive as it is built mainly with recycled water/soda plastic bottles. The design also allows easy watering. You only need to water the topmost bottle and it naturally drips downward. There are several ways of building a bottle tower. I've selected these two videos as they have very good methods. In this video, the cap is used to keep the top bottle in place making it a more sturdy structure, plus it is using a hose which makes watering even more convenient. In the video, it is using a trellis to support the tower so it will not fa

Best Peer To Peer Investment Platforms

Poverty is a global problem, it exists even in economically advanced countries. One of the most effective methods of reducing it is to provide poor but business oriented people with the much-needed capital. With today's inter-connectivity advancements, it is now possible for lenders to provide personal loans to borrowers residing halfway across the world. Peer to Peer(P2P) lending is the practice of loaning to an unrelated individual(peer) without the use of traditional intermediaries like banks or financial institutions. This personal approach results to people gaining access to money at very low rates or even with no interest. It is an alternative financing system that's way more effective than banks. How do lenders connect with borrowers? It is through the use of free online lending platforms. One such platform is Kiva.Org . It is a non-profit organization with the main objective of "connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty". They have a worldwide net

Best eCommerce Platform

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform I've ever encountered. It's very to set-up shop and has a lot of features to get you started. There are tons of apps to meet whatever your shop needs. However, just like WordPress plugins, it can jack up the overall cost, so be wary and use only the ones that are really needed. As a web developer, one of my favorite is the free Advanced Custom Fields , very useful for customizations. The online shop comes with a blogging features and email marketing, but limited. For startups, the Shopify Lite is ideal. It costs just $9/month, but without the online shop feature. No problem, you can add products to a WordPress website or on any website using the Buy Button . To spare you the trouble, take advantage of dropshipping. They have an extensive post about it here . Personally, I like Spocket , they source products from the US and EU. Don't ruin your business by selling cheap but low-quality products. In this time of the pandemic, they have