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How To Raise Backyard Chickens?

Even with a limited real estate, you can be self-sufficient with meat and eggs by raising chickens in a coop with a tractor. Coop is a shelter where chickens roost and lay eggs while the tractor is a mesh-enclosed area beside a coop where chickens freely roam. The tractor is moveable. There are plenty of designs on YouTube and I've selected these videos as they have some of the features I wanted. In the video below, aside from talking about the design, the presenter also shared a lot of useful and practical information. The coop and tractor height in this is just right. The extra perches in the tractor give the chicken more area to roam and rest. The height also allows the sunlight inside. The portable concept with wheels and handles is a very useful addition. Chickens eat grass and you can actually use them to check grass overgrowth. Moving them not only provide fresh grass to peck but also new ground to scratch. The neat coop structure with the nesting area tucked inside, instead

How Useful Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid readily available in grocery stores and pharmacies. It has powerful oxidizing properties, which makes it an effective disinfectant. It is also an ideal bleaching agent. But that's not all, it has more household uses than you can imagine. I mainly use it to wipe clean molds that grow on cabinets during the rainy season. See video below and be amazed.

Best Practical Home Cooling Ideas

It's summer and it's scorching hot outside and inside my rented house! It's an irony that modern Philippine house designs aren't suited for the tropical climate. They look good outside, but inside it's a heat trap. To remedy this, some homeowners install air conditioners. But this is not a practical solution to many as electricity cost is prohibitive. Plus there are the frequent brownouts. This dilemma made me think about practical but efficient home cooling ideas. It is important to build a house that uses passive cooling systems at the onset. Below are some concepts from my research, plus my own ideas. The roof is exposed to sunlight and absorbs heat more than any other part of the house. A green roof is a mat of greenery that absorbs solar energy, acting as a natural insulator. Before installing a green roof, strengthen the roof structure. To make sure, it will not collapse due to the extra weight of plants, soil, and water. Use reinforced foam concrete. Aside fr

How To Build A Bottle Tower Garden?

Even if you have a limited residential lot you can still pursue gardening through a vertical garden. There are many ways of doing this, but I find the bottle tower a more practical choice. For one, the structure is very compact. You are simply stacking bottles on top of one another and each bottle is planted. You can have as many towers as space allowed. Its possible to have 800 plants in just 3 square meters of available land. On top of that, it is inexpensive as it is built mainly with recycled water/soda plastic bottles. The design also allows easy watering. You only need to water the topmost bottle and it naturally drips downward. There are several ways of building a bottle tower. I've selected these two videos as they have very good methods. In this video, the cap is used to keep the top bottle in place making it a more sturdy structure, plus it is using a hose which makes watering even more convenient. In the video, it is using a trellis to support the tower so it will not fa