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Scenic Ilocos Norte

After our Vigan trip , Ting and I decided to proceed to Laoag, Ilocos Norte on June 9, 2013. Search for best hotels in Laoag City . We boarded a Partas Bus at around 1 pm and reached Laoag roughly 4 pm. We checked in at La Elliana Hotel. Although it is considered a budget hotel, the room is very spacious and could very well accommodate up to 6 people. We wasted no time and immediately took off and went to Museo Ilocos Norte, but we barely looked around when they closed and we have to cut short our visit. Walking distance is the Sinking Bell Tower, it used to be one of the tallest bell towers in the country. It is sinking because it was built on a sandy foundation. Nearby still is St. William’s Cathedral where Ting and I lit candles, prayed and briefly listened to the day's sermon. From St. William’s Cathedral, we took upon ourselves to look for the missing Aurora Park. We described it as "missing", because we have asked a lot of people but none of them could tell us where

At One With Nature In Guimaras

Last Dec. 30, 2013, just a day before the new year, Ting and I went for a little adventure at Camp Alfredo , Guimaras. Search for great accommodation in Guimaras Island . We left Iloilo at around 9 am via ferry boat at Brgy. Ortiz. Its roughly a 15 minutes ride on rough seas. Stay in Iloilo City's best hotels . Upon arrival at the Jordan pier, we jumped into a Jordan jeepney making sure the driver knows where we are going and where he will exactly drop us. It's supposed to be less than 30 minutes ride, but our jeepney made a long stop at San Miguel market. However, the long wait is rewarded by the green scenery and fresh air when we resumed. As expected, we were dropped right in front of Camp Alfredo at Ravina. The concrete signage is a welcoming sign. You can immediately feel nature inviting you to come in. We climbed down a flight of stairs towards the session hall and bar. The session hall also doubles as a resto. We asked the person in charge of some questions about the zip

Lake Sebu, A Thrilling Experience Like No Other

Me and my travel buddies: Ting, Doods, and Joy, planned for an adventurous Mindanao break away. Doods, a well-traveled dude who spent some time in Surallah, South Cotabato proposed that we include Lake Sebu in our itinerary. Search for great accommodation in Lake Sebu . At first, I was skeptical as it is a considerable distance from Davao. But after researching online, my doubts cleared and all of the sudden, Lake Sebu must be our first destination. Experience the best hotels in Davao City . We touched base at Francisco Bangoy International Airport on Feb 21, 2014. Upon disembarkation, we immediately went straight for the Bulaong Bus Terminal. We took a quick lunch at a resto just across, then we prepared ourselves for the long bus ride ahead. I can sense the urgency to reach our destination and the excitement building up. After a few minutes of waiting, our non-stop travel towards Koronadal kicked off. Along the way, we noticed that there's a lot of road construction going on, ver

Samal, An Island Paradise

After our thrilling experience in Lake Cebu , the gang went back to Davao. Search for the best hotels in Davao City . We stayed at Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel , dubbed as the "unconventional hotel". The hotel is located in a residential area and is very accessible, it is just walking distance from the city's central business district and is surrounded by restos, malls, banks, etc. To me, what makes the hotel unconventional are the sculptures, painting,s and other artworks that decorate the hotel from the facade up to the rooms, courtesy of Mr. Kublai Ponce Millan an artist who happens to be the son of the hotel's manager. Joy with the artworks along the stairs of the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel . The next day, the group split. Ting and I plan to go to Samal, while Doods and Joy decided to stay put and scour the city for good buys. Look for great accommodation on Samal Island . After taking a quick breakfast, we jump-start our little adventure by riding a jeepney towards

Enjoying The Mangrove, Bistro Ocean City And Red Paprika In A Day

Did you know that the Philippines has the second-highest number of mangrove species in the world? However, more than 70% of the total area has been lost to land development, pollution, and deforestation. This is a catastrophe as mangroves play very important roles in the ecosystem. Mangroves act as home and nursery to a large number of aquatic animals. According to studies, there are more fish in areas with mangroves compared to those that don't. Mangrove plants are also a source of wood, fuel, and medicine to locals and fodder to cattle. Recently it is also used in the commercial production of pulp, wood chip, and charcoal. Compared to an artificial seawall, mangroves offer natural protection against coastline erosion caused by waves and sedimentation. It may not stop storm surges but it minimizes the destruction and loss of life by absorbing most of the impact. During super typhoon Yolanda in Leyte, the town of Palompon suffered minimal losses due to the presence of mangroves . S