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Best Free Music and Sound Services

Everybody loves music and most hum personal lyrics in their head. Wouldn't it be awesome if we have tools that enable us to make our own melody into a real song? Well, stop dreaming, there are free online services that help create and publish your own. SoundCloud is a popular social sound platform. It is a good place to discover music and up & coming artists. You can record, upload and share your music for free. You want more tracks to work on?  Looplabs is a free cloud-based music studio allowing you create to music anywhere, anytime with anyone, regardless of whether you're a pro or a noob dreaming of being pro someday. One big feature is, they have thousands of royalty-free sounds courtesy of Beatport to tinker with. You can also publish your work on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. No musical instruments of your own? No problem, do it virtually with  AudioTool . It is a complete music production studio, such that you can create music and collaborate p

Gilas Pilipinas Shines In FIBA World Cup 2014

Once in a while, you witness greatness in all its splendor. What Gilas Pilipinas exhibited in the FIBA World Cup 2014 held in Seville, Spain is nothing short of greatness. The team showcased to the whole world Philipine's own brand of basketball like never before. And in return, it earned the respect of other teams and basketball fans all over the world. In case you're wondering, what exactly is Philippine basketball? The Nike ad below perfectly captures it. The Gilas Pilipinas roster is made up of well-selected players from the PBA. They are big men Japeth Aguilar, June Mar Fajardo, Marc Pingris, Ranidel De Ocampo, and naturalized center Andray Blatche, alongside with prolific guards Gabe Norwood, Jeff Chan, Gary David, Paul Lee, Jimmy Alapag, LA Tenorio, and Jayson Castro. The squad earned the slot by winning bronze in last year's FIBA Asia championship held in Manila. This is the country's first entry since 1978 when it was the host. This is a team on a mission, they

Best Free Online Piano Lessons

Dreaming of becoming a pianist? I have good news,  there are websites that allow anyone to learn and play piano online, for free.  HoffmanAcademy offers free piano lessons. It is named after its founder, Joseph Hoffman who is a teacher, composer and conductor. He came up with his own way of training called the "Hoffman Method". Based on this, he created a series of video piano lessons that he is now sharing on his website. The lessons are conveniently classified into units up to 8. I can say the lessons are comprehensive yet explained in a very easy way, I'm sure even kids will love it. However if you want to learn the complete materials, you'll have to purchase them. Flowkey  provides 8 song tutorials and selected piano lessons completely free. What makes the sertvice unique is the interactive feedback that detects whether you're in step with the notes or not. Now that's a very useful feature that helps you learn faster.

Best Lighting Ideas Ever

The majority of the world's poor still have no electricity and they use charcoal or kerosene for lighting. Some innovative breakthroughs enable people in poor and remote areas to light their homes. Did you know that you can use gravity as a source of energy? Gravity is a natural phenomenon and will definitely be a very environment friendly, efficient and economical energy source. It is a thought provoking idea, I couldn't believe it when I first heard it, but  Deciwatt  a startup company has created GravityLight . As the name suggest it is a gravity-powered lamp designed from the onset to replace kerosene lamps. It uses a bag filled with rocks or earth, attached to a cord and slowly descends. A mechanism similar to weight driven cuckoo clocks and is capable of powering the lamp for up to 30 minutes. Kudos to the people who have conceptualize and realize these truly sustainable and cost effective ecologically designed lighting systems that benefit the ones that needed them most.

Gilas Pilipinas Dream Team 2016

The Manila Olympic Qualifying Tournament(OQT) is just around the corner and ahead of coach Tab Baldwin's announcement of the final members for Gilas Pilipinas, I've made my own dream team. Take note that each player's height is lifted from Wikipedia. With no further ado. Behemoths Greg Slaughter(7'0") and June Mar Fajardo(6'10") are centers. Both have the height and size needed for rim protection, rebounding and scoring. On the high post, they can provide picks and passing. Supporting are power forwards Andray Blatche(6'11"), Japhet Aguilar(6'9") and Troy Rosario(6'7"). Because of his height and heft, Dray can be an extra center and form a twin tower together with Greg or June Mar. Both Dray and Troy can shoot 3's and drive towards the basket. Ranidel De Ocampo(6'6") and Gabe Norwood(6'6") are the versatile small forwards. They are exceptional defenders and can definitely dunk especially Gabe. They can also

How We Decoded Love?

I met my special someone in a not so ideal circumstance. We had a blind date and watched the Da Vinci Code. It didn't go well. Unlike the movie, we failed to decode each other. We went our separate ways, though we still met casually now and then with friends. Years forward, a call for adventure brought us together, along with a friend. We went on a trip to Ilocos region. After Vigan , our friend decided not to join us in Laoag . On our first day there, we went looking for a specific tourist spot. We asked a lot of people and they have no idea where this mysterious and intriguing place is! We got tired walking around, so we took a rest in a plaza. Right there, something happened. Oh yes, something happened. I will not divulge the details but to sum it up, it is something... dramatic. I dramatized. It was me, not her. It was real, so real that if filmed it could have been the best movie, ever! That moment was the exact moment I've been waiting for. I am myself without being silen

Team Pilipinas Dream Team 2019

The Philippines had just qualified in the FIBA World Cup 2019 and excitement is all over the country. However, it is grouped together with European powerhouses Serbia and Italy together with African champion Angola. As Coach Yeng Guiao said, we are the underdog in this group. Amid all the speculation of who will be included in the final roster, I've made my own dream team. This is a 14 man pool including 2 backup players. Take note that each player's height is lifted from Wikipedia. With no further ado. Behemoths Andray Blatche(6'11") and June Mar Fajardo(6'10") are centers. Both have the height and size needed for rim protection, rebounding and scoring. On the high post, they can provide picks and passing. Dray can shoot 3's, drive and very good with defense. Supporting are power forwards Japhet Aguilar(6'9"), Raymond Almazan(6'8") and Troy Rosario(6'7"). All three can shoot 3's, drive towards the basket and excellent defens

Best Free Email Tools and Tips

For personal email, I use the following ESP(Email Service Provider): Gmail is my favorite, but not far behind is Yahoo , Outlook , and Zoho . I have email accounts on each. For business email, Zoho allows the use of custom domain email for free, good for up to 5 users with 5GB storage space. The paid plan starts at $1 per user. GSuite hosts your business email for $6/user. LarkSuite is a free GSuite competitor. The email can connect to Gmail. They offer business email for free and the account comes with 500GB of space. Of concern is data security, even though the data resides in Singapore, the parent company is China-based ByteDance. Yandex Mail is Russia-based. Another practical option is using the web host's webmail(Horde, SquirrelMail) and connecting it to your Gmail. Here's how .  A better solution is to use a free email forwarding service like Anonaddy . They provide unlimited aliases, 20 domains but only 2 recipients, and 10MB monthly bandwidth. ForwardEmail is more