Best Free Music and Sound Services

Everybody loves music and most hum personal lyrics in their head. Wouldn't it be awesome if we have tools that enable us to make our own melody into a real song? Well, stop dreaming, there are free online services that help create and publish your own. SoundCloud is a popular social sound platform. It is a good place to discover music and up & coming artists. You can record, upload and share your music for free. You want more tracks to work on?  Looplabs is a free cloud-based music studio allowing you create to music anywhere, anytime with anyone, regardless of whether you're a pro or a noob dreaming of being pro someday. One big feature is, they have thousands of royalty-free sounds courtesy of Beatport to tinker with. You can also publish your work on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. No musical instruments of your own? No problem, do it virtually with  AudioTool . It is a complete music production studio, such that you can create music and collaborate p

At The Ruins, Talisay, Negros Occidental

I came across several interesting news feeds regarding The Ruins in Talisay, Negros Occidental. Search for best hotels in Talisay . Seeing pictures and reading the reviews about it got my curiosity aroused and decided that I need to see the place up close and personal. Last Dec. 7, I invited my friend Ting to come with me. We left Bacolod around 12:30 PM via Bata Libertad jeepney. Great accommodations in Bacolod City . Upon arriving at Bata roughly 20 minutes later, we boarded a tricycle going to Hacienda Santa Maria. On the way, we were treated with the vibrant landscape full of sugarcane which is the main produce of the island. Oddly, the road we took is the same road going to the International Airport, which explains the presence of traffic lights in the middle of sugarcane farms! I find it odd as there's no traffic. A few more minutes and the remains of the mansion came into view. The Ruins used to be the biggest and grandest mansion in the province. The structure sits on a tot

How I Got Scammed By BeEconomic and PayPal?

It may seem strange that a big online business like Groupon would scam an ordinary guy like me, but the following events are all true. Last May 29, 2012, I ordered a Memory Foam Pillow from BeEconomic.Com.Ph which is the Philippine arm of Groupon. Check the screenshot of the email they sent: While waiting for the item to be delivered I made another order, this time its the Air-O-Dry Indoor Convection Clothes Dryers on Jun 26, 2012. See the screenshot: Making that second order would prove to be another mistake, adding further to my existing loss. The delivery of the first order is supposed to be Jul 2, 2012 as assured by the email of their support. Take a look at the screenshot below: But as of Jul 9, I still haven't received the first item. I sent them an email about it, but they didn't even bother to reply. I sent them another email on Jul 11, but with no immediate response, I filed a dispute in PayPal for non deliverance of the item, that same day. While PayPal is investigati

Best Free Online SEO Tools

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting traffic from the “free” and “organic” search results on search engines. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo display web pages and other content such as videos and images based on what they consider as most relevant to users. Websites and contents are ranked, the exact mechanism involves a lot of factors unique to each engine. If you're interested to know more about SEO read Moz's article here . SEO is a giant industry in itself and encompasses a myriad of specialties. To spare you the time and effort of learning it, there are a lot of sites that offer free SEO services in a golden platter complete with an accompanying spoon and fork, haha. If your site is new, it needs to be submitted to search engines.  Attracta offer tools that increase your site's traffic. They have a Google blacklist checking, search engine submissions, link building and a lot more.  EntireWeb is another site that offers free submis

Best Organizations For Volunteers

I've always thought of volunteering in a far and exotic place, doing my share of helping the world. However, I never had the opportunity. If given the chance, I would have applied as a UN Volunteer(UNV). If interested, here's the minimum requirements: 25 years old and older. University degree or higher technical diploma. At least two years of relevant work experience in a professional background. Good working knowledge of at least one of these languages: English, French or Spanish. Commitment to the values and principles of volunteerism. Ability to work in a multicultural environment. Willingness to work with people and local organizations to draw upon the synergies between expert solutions and local knowledge. Ability to adjust in difficult living conditions and sometimes remote locations. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country is an asset. Processing of application is f

Best Free Linux Resources

I love open source software. Most types of these software are free, like Linux operating system. There are lots of Linux flavors around but I highly recommend Ubuntu . Compared to others, it is easy to install and the user interface is user friendly. Unlike in its early days, many of the popular Windows software have been successfully ported to Linux, so you'll more likely to "fell at home" if you decide to switch. You can use Rufus to create a USB bootable Linux installer. If you're not a fan, LifeWire has listed the top Linux distros of all time, so you can choose the one's you prefer. LifeHacker compiled essential Linux apps, but if you want to more head on to TechSupportAlert .

Best Free Video Tools

There are a bunch of desktop video converters out there but I'm sure few could match what Adapter can offer. It is not an ordinary video converter. You don't just convert from one video format to another but from video to audio and even image file types. Yes, you read that right, you can extract songs and images with it. Adapter is 100% freeware, it has no ads and doesn't add watermarks. You can use it with no limits or restrictions whatsoever. Any Video Converter Free has batch processing and can directly extract and convert audio from any given video. The program can even download and convert YouTube and Google videos. Free HD Video Converter Factory can also download videos but it is faster than all the others. Plus, it allows you to cut, crop, and add impressive special effects. HandBrake has one of the most expansive software packages for ripping and converting video files. It is also multi-platform with Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Videezy offers free stock